Welcome Wednesday - Open Rehearsal - newcomers welcome!

7:30pm, Wed, 27 Apr 2022

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Venue: St Andrews Roxbourne
    89 Malvern Avenue
    Rayners Lane
    HA2 9ER

    Are you looking for a new hobby?
    Do you love singing?
    Maybe you've tried another choir and want more of a challenge?

    We welcome all women of all ages, who want to find out if we are a good fit for them, to come along and take part (at whatever level you are able to) in a rehearsal. Or you can just watch and listen if you prefer.

    We're a very friendly and supportive bunch, so why not give us a try? Please drop us a line beforehand at visitus@capitalconnection.org.uk to let us know you are coming! (and we can send you details of our Covid safety procedures and policies).

    What you can expect on the evening:
    •     A quick chat with the MD about your vocal range and experience, to work out which part you should shadow for the evening
    •     An easy-to-follow vocal warmup with the chorus to get your voice good and ready for a sing
    •     Some practice of a song in a "sectional" (your adopted voicepart only) - an ability to read music can be of help but don't worry if you can't. Many of our members are non-music-readers and pick up the part by ear. Just do what you can so you can join in!
    •     Singing that song together as a full chorus with the other parts and experiencing some glorious harmonies!
    •     An opportunity to observe rehearsal and hear the chorus singing a couple of our established repertoire songs so you can hear/see what we're all about.
    The time is now... one thing many members say is that they wish they'd found us earlier... It's never too early/late!