Past Performances

Performance - London Winter Run 2022

Sun, 13 Feb 2022
We love a road-side singout! Despite the early start and cold weather, it is always a rewarding experience boosting morale and encouraging the runners to keep on going, and this singout was no exception.  It was also another opportunity to use our personal amps.  Outdoor singouts can be challenging, but with our amps we could be heard before we were even seen! 

It's great that there is a variety of entertainment arranged along the route, and we could see the delight and appreciation on all the participants faces, from the elite runners to those bringing up the rear.

We also couldn't resist a photo opportunity modelling our capes "Call the Midwife" style on the row of hire bikes next to us.  Fortunately the only thing we had to deliver on the day was the entertainment!


Performance: Portobello Rd Christmas Sunday Street Market

Sun, 19 Dec 2021
A small, but perfectly formed chorus of our members performed at the famous Portobello Road for their last Christmas Market of the year. The weather was good, if not a bit chilly and lots of passers-by, young and old, stopped to listen and even join in!  

There was added excitement to the event as we were performing in the road where there were occasional bikes and scooters whizzing by. Just a minor distraction for us on our little stage, but a bit more of a challenge for Debi who was standing in the road to direct us - Fortunately she got through the peformance unscathed!

All in all it was an uplifting end to a challenging year, and we are all grateful to have had so many opportunities to perform in public this year.

Performance - Cannon Lane Christmas Fair

Sat, 4 Dec 2021
We were delighted to return to perform at Cannon Lane Primary School again, this time for their Christmas Fair in December.

The event had fantastic support from the local community and there was a great atmosphere. We sang all the seasonal favourites including a super-speedy version of Christmas Chopsticks (It is one of our specialities, although for some of our new members, the challenge is remembering all of the reindeers names in order, let alone singing them at speed!)

Local singouts are a great way of recruiting new members, and Debi was kept busy afterwards voice-testing some potential new members! Hopefully we look forward to seeing them when we return to rehearsing again in January.

Ideal Home Show Christmas - performing at 11:20am and 12:40pm

Sat, 27 Nov 2021
Our first Christmas singout of 2021 and back in familiar territory for many of us.  We last performed at the Ideal Home Christmas Show in 2019 and it was great to be back again, this time with some of our newest recruits.

We did 2 performances of our seasonal repertoire, led by Debi, right in the heart of the exhibition centre, and handily situated near to the prosecco stall, so we were guaranteed a captive audience! We had great feedback from the audience and it was a joy to be performing again.

The prosecco bar came in handy between performances (singing is thirsty work after all!) and after we finished our second performance, it was time to do a bit of Christmas shopping for ourselves! 


Performance - Pinner Welcome Back Market

Sun, 10 Oct 2021
We love singing at local events and Pinner's Welcome Back Market weekend in October was no exception. The High Street was full of stalls selling delicious food and crafts, kids rides and entertainers and it was bustling with local residents.

Being a fairly noisy outdoor event, it was the perfect opportunity to get a bit techie and try out our recently acquired personal amps and it was also a great opportunity for a first singout for four of our new associate members, who did an amazing job - Well done ladies!

We sang 2 short sets for the shoppers and, as ever, had a very appreciative audience stopping by to listen and some interest from a couple of potential new members too.. 

As you can see from the photos we all had a great time and hope everyone else did too!

Performance : Regents Park, Bandstand from 12:30pm

Sun, 15 Aug 2021

Only 2 weeks on from our return to public performance, we were all very pleased to be singing out again at the Bandstand in Regent’s Park as part of their Summer Music Festival and for many of us, it was our first visit into the Capital in a very long time!

The bandstand was the perfect place to perform at, a beautiful setting with families and groups of friends having picnics, deckchairs set up and boats rowing past. We had a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience and lots of passers-by stopping to listen too.

With a 2-hour set to fill, the challenge was on, especially with a slightly limited repertoire (due to only recently returning to in-person rehearsals), but everyone rose to the occasion admirably – particularly Debi who did a great job as MC in addition to directing and even teaching the audience a thing or two about barbershop harmony, and also a special mention for Sharan, one of our newest recruits, who was taking part in her first chorus singout!

As you can see from the photos, we had a great time and we also got lots of lovely feedback from the audience.

Pinner Village Gardens - Summer Family Event

Sun, 1 Aug 2021
The chorus were delighted to be invited to sing at the Pinner Village Gardens Summer Event on 1st August.  It was so good to finally be performing in public again after 19 months, and as well as contributing to a worthwhile local cause, it was also the perfect way to ease ourselves back into the swing of things, with a couple of short sets of upbeat songs in an informal and relaxed setting.

There was a great turnout to the event and the sun shone warmly as we started our first set.  Debi even got some of the audience clapping along with one of our new songs, Wake Me Up!

It was also the first opportunity for us to show off our new walkout costume, including scarves hot off the sewing machine by the lovely Sheila, and we couldn’t resist a recruitment opportunity with Rhoda and Rosh disappearing between songs to hand out leaflets to the audience!

However, all good things come to an end, and half -way through the last song of our second set, One Fine Day, the rain came – a few drops at first, but quickly turning to a downpour, bringing an abrupt end to the show!

All in all, it was a fantastic start to our return to singing out.  We all had a brilliant time as you can see from the pictures and we can’t wait for our next performance at Regents Park on the 15th August!


Don't Stop Pinner Village Gardens

A Capital Christmas

Sun, 15 Dec 2019
A fabulous evening of joyful music to get us in the mood for Christmas!  Carols and Christmas songs, with audience participation and a Can-Can finale!  A fantastic fundraiser for our charity of 2019, The Catholic Workers' Farm.

Javier and Hannah from Cygnus Trio joined us for a beautiful performance and octet Eclipse treated us to a selection of their repertoire, delighting our packed audience.

Save Sunday Music Christmas 2019

Sun, 8 Dec 2019
Our fourth but not final Christmas singout of 2019!

We entertained an  enthusiastic and appreciative audience at the Roxbourne Park Cafe in Rayners Lane, with our festive repertoire. An enjoyable morning was had by us all and we look forward to returning in the future!

Chiltern Concert Band Concert Christmas 2019

Sat, 7 Dec 2019
Capital Connection were delighted to be invited to perform at the Chiltern Concert Band's Chirstmas Concert, which took place at the St Francis of Assisi Church in High Wycombe. The Band, directed by the inspiring Duncan Stubbs, also put on a fantastic performance which was a pleasure for us to listen to.


Waitrose Christmas Evening 2019

Wed, 4 Dec 2019
A fun and relaxed singout at Waitrose, Ruislip, performing some seasonal songs to the customers at the store's Christmas evening and the first half of our weekly rehearsal.  The Mayor of Hillingdon was also in attendance and enjoyed our performance too!

Ideal Home Christmas Show 2019

Sun, 24 Nov 2019
An ideal day of Christmas singing and shopping at the Ideal Home Christmas Show at Olympia to get us all in the mood for the festive season.


Uxbridge Christmas Lighting Up 2019

Sat, 16 Nov 2019
The first of 2 singouts at Uxbridge Shopping Centre at their Christmas Market, and a prime performance slot before the Christmas lights were officially switched on.  We gathered a great crowd of shoppers and enjoyed putting on our first Christmas performance of the season.

We also made sure to sample some of the food and drink on offer to keep our energy levels up. A cup of mulled wine always hits the spot at an outdoor performance!


Mall Galleries, London September 2019

Sat, 28 Sep 2019
A very unusual singout in the wonderful and inspiring Mall Galleries in Central London.  Our task was to perform a selection of our repertoire whilst being sketched by visitors to the gallery as part of their Society of Women Artists 158th Exhibition.

When we weren't singing we also had an opportunity to enjoy looking aound the galleries to appreciate the fantastic artwork on display.

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